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Our Kingdom spans the nation.

You might even be able to smell those flame-broiled opportunities at your doorstep. From our over 7,000 company and independently owned franchised restaurants nationwide to our global headquarters in Miami, FL, we have plenty of ways to welcome you into the Kingdom.

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Home sweet home.

Ah Miami, Florida. It’s where the BURGER KING® brand began. Our roots have been here since 1954. But you gotta admit, this place is paradise. It’s international diversity, advantageous location and collection of unique cultures make it a perfect spot to be a successful global company. With more than 12,000 restaurants, our global headquarters allows us to keep the pulse of our franchises, team members and operations. Our campus is designed to handle the ever-changing nature of our industry, while satisfying the needs of our customers and our BK® family. Did you expect anything less from the capital of the Kingdom? We have a reputation of great goodness to uphold.


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